Public comments are just feedback on something you made. They're worth reading to see how this thing has been perceived. You can even take it as feedback on the public image you've created. All people know is what you've chosen to show them. So if your public persona is coming across wrong, try tweaking it.

Never forget that the public you is not you.

– Derek Sivers

All of us have a private persona. People who see me as a coach, for example, see me at my best. I am sharp, I am alert and awake, I am prepared, and I am good at what I do. So, they have a rather altered sense of who I am. Likewise, in other facets of my life, I am perceived differently.

Everyone around you sees you only through a rather small window, and through their lens. So, take what they say with that in mind.

And the people who are much further out, who don't even know you through that window - how much attention should you be paying them?

We're the sum of our behaviours. Ninety percent of our actions are driven by habits, whether positive or negative. Who we are today physically, emotionally, mentally, professionally, and financially is a reflection of our behaviours and the choices we've made to this point.

– Mark Verstagen

The best part is everything about your behaviours and actions and habits are under your control. If you don't like where you are, you can fix it.

One step forward at a time.

The body is one piece.

– Dan John / John Jerome

It just is. This statement is simple and obvious and profound.

Thanks for reading!