When you launch a new product, the first question to ask yourself is not "How is this new product better than the competition?" but "First what?"

In other words, what category is this new product first in?

– Al Ries and Jack Trout

10 years ago, The Quad was amongst the first of its kind. Today, the fitness space is seeing a great growth, which is wonderful for all of us involved. The more mainstream fitness gets, the more people that will get fit and healthy.

As we contemplate and design new products and services at both The Quad and the Daily9, this question is something that I find myself spending a lot of time on.

Being better than the competition is a given. I think that is how everyone must be - your product should be way better. But to attract a new group of people, what category are we the first/top?

Without hard work, you'll develop neither judgment nor leverage.

– Naval Ravikant

Naval is a great person to read. If you don't read Naval yet, I highly recommend you start here.

You don't have to stop doing anything except to stop seeing the world from the viewpoint of your own personal cravings.

– from Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

Isn't this just a powerful, wonderful statement?

Stop seeing the world from the viewpoint of my own personal cravings. My attachments. My desires. My wants. The world does not revolve around my head. But in thinking it does, I am always mis-oriented.

I need to print this and plaster it all over my office.

Thanks for reading!