What's profound to me is obvious to you.

What's indecipherable to me today might click in my head in a year or five. And create a paradigm shift.

I guess that's why the proverb goes that way - when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

And sometimes, when I think/wish I had read that mind-blowing piece of text in my 20s, I do wonder. There's a good chance I didn't have the mental capacity to process it back then. I needed my failures to get ready for them to make sense.

Not one thing about a workout is less than exciting, except your attitude toward it.
How can a thing that offers so much, provides so much goodness and hope and exhilaration and esteem be dismal?
Where’s the logic or smart thinking in that appraisal?

– Dave Draper

The function of leadership - the number one responsibility of a leader - is to catalyse a clear and shared vision for the company and to secure commitment to and vigorous pursuit of that vision.

– Jim Collins and Bill Lazier