I had the day off from coaching, and besides a conversation with my co-founder, I did not do any work today. It was tough to do that in the beginning but I realised that I am occupying myself with too much work and not looking at my work life with a bit of distance and perspective.

Photo by Jakub Gorajek / Unsplash

I've gotten into auto-pilot. There's a bunch of things to be taken care of daily, and I am spending time there. I think that's a form of laziness - instead of thinking about what bigger things need to be done.

I think I'll repeat this exercise tomorrow, of taking some time off. A few rules for myself.

  • not look at email except for 2 20-minute sections
  • read for at least 2 hours
  • try to be away from the computer, or at least the internet for 4 hours
  • cook (I prep and do the dishes, and let my wife make delicious food)

The idea is to give my brain some distance from the daily work, and the busyness. As well as let it be less lazy by doing tasks that I normally would not do.