"On what is fear: Non-acceptance of uncertainty. If we accept that uncertainty, it becomes an adventure!

– Rumi

A lot of us get freaked out by ambiguity and uncertainty. But a lot of things will always be uncertain. Even the best laid plans go awry. One can never account for all variables in the system, or expect variables to behave the expected way.

What are we losing out on when we try to replace ambiguity, just to feel comfortable?

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One must not merely copy but try to convey the significance of what you see.

– Bruce Lee

This one is hard but rewarding. When I read something, my first instinct is to nod along or reject the idea. Nowadays, I try to calm myself. Remind myself that I don't need to have an opinion. And that no one is waiting for me to pass judgment on it. Breaking that piece down - understanding the context it was created in, seeing the larger significance of it, understanding why it hits me that way, and then contextualising it for me.  

The problem is taking any one person’s advice too seriously. Ideally, asking advice should be like echolocation. Bounce ideas off of all of your surroundings, and listen to all the echoes to get the whole picture.

Ultimately, only you know what to do, based on all the feedback you’ve received and all your personal nuances that no one else knows.

– Derek Sivers

As someone who makes a living guiding people, this is something I probably need to add as a postscript. As a coach, maybe you expect me to carry you from here to there. But I think I can merely point the way and maybe sit on the bus with you. And occasionally jolt you awake or whatever the correct way to continue that analogy is.

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And a bonus for those of you who share my sense of humour. If you are easily offended, please go elsewhere and be offended.

This scene from Tropic Thunder came to mind after I hit publish on my last article.

Tropic Thunder - Simple Jack

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